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Front Cover What You Want Wants You Suzanne Eder

WHAT YOU WANT WANTS YOU: Saying Yes to Desire As a Path of Awakening, by Suzanne Eder, published by SAY YES QUICKLY BOOKS

In her illuminating and highly intelligent new book, Suzanne Eder skillfully explains that we awaken to the deeper truth of who we are by following the lead of our personal, heartfelt desires. In contrast with many spiritual teachings that promote the diminishment of personal desire, What You Want Wants You clearly and boldly asserts that genuine desire is the very impulse of Life itself, guiding us unerringly back to One Source and to our greatest levels of contribution and fulfillment.

Unique in its breadth and depth, this remarkable new book equips the reader with a robust understanding of energy dynamics and manifestation and their importance in the awakening process. It offers rich insights that make the difference between understanding helpful concepts and actually living them. What You Want Wants You is a must-read for thoughtful, open-hearted students and teachers of energy, spirituality, and consciousness who are committed to ever-deepening levels of understanding and experience.

“Suzanne Eder possesses a rare combination of spiritual insight and logical pragmatism. What You Want Wants You will delight readers who enjoy exploring the mysteries of the world in practical ways. Eder allows us to test her beliefs in real-world settings, while offering her own inspiring perspective on each human being’s spiritual journey. . . . Everyone needs to read this book!”

Martha Beck, Author of The Way of Integrity and Finding Your Own North Star

“In Suzanne Eder’s new book, you will discover how to cultivate a manifesting consciousness as you reflect and open yourself up to unlimited possibilities, empowering you to pave the way to create the life you deserve and love. What You Want Wants You is a must read.”

Anita Moorjani, Author of Sensitive Is the New Strong


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