Trek of a Bird-Woman

Cover of Trek of a Bird-Woman by Gail Binkly

TREK OF A BIRD-WOMAN, a novel by Gail Binkly, published by SAY YES QUICKLY BOOKS

Growing up in a remote valley on a sparsely populated planet, Shevra doesn’t remember ever encountering anyone other than her parents and sister. And she longs to explore more of what she is certain lies beyond. But when tragedy thrusts her out into that world, she discovers that it’s a hostile place—one filled with warring tribes, roaming slavers, and dangerous, exotic animals. On her long journey to the city of Tantexlo in hopes of finding her missing sister, she learns that she is not the person she has always believed she was. And Shevra discovers her true identity as one of the legendary bird-women. Her story is one of adventure, challenge, discovery, and, ultimately, profound understanding. Shevra’s is a remarkable trek, and this is a novel for young adults that is both captivating and rich with insight.

“Gail Binkly’s imagination is wonderfully at work in her new novel Trek of a Bird-Woman. In her sure hands, readers explore a fascinating alternative world that is both primeval and mystical. Shevra, her heroine, sets out on an arduous quest to rescue her abducted sister by crossing the much-feared Great Expanse. But Shevra herself is no victim as she confronts not only perilous natural threats, but also societal beliefs and cultural practices designed to enslave women. It’s an epic adventure that delivers right up to the book’s final page.”

DAVID FEELA, author of So Delicate These Arches

“Taking place in a world far different from our own, Shevra’s journey captures everything that we humans experience in our own lives: cruelty, kindness, fear, joy, self-reliance, dependence, and courage. Shevra discovers her powers as a bird-woman as she seeks to find and save her sister. Gail Binkly brings readers into an unknown world of mysterious terrain, exotic creatures, and warring tribes. Sit back and enjoy this exhilarating journey, this Trek of a Bird-Woman.”

NANCY SCHAUFELE, author of When You Don’t Know Who to Call


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