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Compelling manuscripts, brilliant editing, beautiful cover and interior design, state-of-the-art production, printing, and distribution

I HAVE MANY years of experience writing my own bestselling books and ghostwriting books for high-profile authors. I’m an award-winning publishing professional who is eager to help you and your book succeed. When you and I are a good fit, I offer you a publishing experience that is second to none. You are unique; your story is, too, and it makes great sense to work with an expert like me who will lead you through an often-complex process and ensure that you reach your publishing goals.

With an award-winning writer, a careful and keen-eyed editor, a gifted designer, and a successful publishing veteran working closely with you, you'll have a great experience at Say Yes Quickly Books.

Unparalleled Hybrid Publishing At Say Yes Quickly Books

Russell Martin publishes select manuscripts in hardcover, paperback, ebook, and/or audiobook formats for clients whose projects have exceptional merit. Authors retain all rights and one hundred percent of income and pay a single fee prior to publication.  

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Writing Your Manuscript

Writing logoDuring the time we work together, I help you define your story, structure your book, and tell your story in a way that connects profoundly with readers. If we determine that you need a professional ghostwriter to draft your manuscript, I’ll help you find someone with whom you work very successfully and will ensure that that collaboration is a successful one.

Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication

Book publishing logoThe editing phase of your project is a critical one, and I am a highly acclaimed editor who will ensure that you tell your story in the very best way it can be told.

Production, Print-On-Demand & Distribution

Book publishing logoA book designer with both an artful and highly meticulous eye, I create your book’s interior and covers and make them both beautiful and compelling to potential buyers. With the help of state-of-the-art print-on-demand professionals, I oversee every detail of your book’s production, printing, and distribution to retailers around the world.

Marketing, Social Media & Sales

Money logoI offer you my expert guidance and support as you navigate social media platforms and manage sales. I create eye-catching, dynamic book websites, and am always available to brainstorm the best ways for your book to find the readers it deserves.

You’re In Control at Say Yes Quickly Books

When your book is a particularly good fit with my own publishing vision and goals, I am delighted to publish it at Say Yes Quickly Books. Collaborating with you as your hybrid publisher, I offer you complete publishing services for a fee that is far less than other hybrid publishers because I do everything myself and do not maintain a staff.  I’ll be pleased to offer you detailed information about this option in which you retain one hundred percent of the income your book produces.

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Beethoven In Love Front Cover
The Land Erotic Front Cover
Cover of Trek of a Bird-Woman by Gail Binkly
Front Cover What You Want Wants You Suzanne Eder
Cover of Matters Gray and White
Night in Jerusalem Front Cover
Picasso's War Front Cover
Sorrow of Archaeology Front Cover

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