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 BACK WHEN I was young, I knew I had the “stuff” to become a published writer. But the actual  journey from being a reporter at a weekly newspaper in Telluride, Colorado to a writer of national or even international reputation was something I couldn’t imagine. My nonfiction book Beethoven’s Hair was a U.S. bestseller, a Washington Post Book of the Year, and to date has been published in twenty-one international editions.

Eventually I succeeded, but not without lots of luck, familial support, and the lessons that many mistakes taught me. It meant a great deal to me when I had the good fortune to begin sharing those lessons with others whose dreams were similar to my own. I don’t recommend making mistakes to anyone. It’s far better to learn from mentors how to avoid them, how to make the best things happen at each step, and how to truly succeed in the publishing world.

The truth is that there has never been a better time to write for publication, despite the fact that journalism and book publishing have undergone vast changes in the past twenty years or so. And I continue to love sharing my experience and the myriad lessons about writing and publishing that I have learned with people who, like me, are compelled to link words, to tell stories, and to share those stories with others.

Together we can take immense pleasure from your accomplishment. And I know I can help you succeed as a published writer. The first step is for me to learn a bit about what your goals and aspirations—and your stories—are, so please schedule a free Writing and Publishing Consultation with me by clicking the button below. Let’s do this!

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